Monday, November 7, 2011

The Ladder and the Wall

While the economic downturn has had many varied affects on people around the world, one of the most amazing results of this challenging period is the number of people that have revisited their career focus - some by choice and others by force. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, as I speak with coaching clients, travelers on airplanes or shoppers in the grocery store, there is one recurring theme: My ladder has been leaning on the wrong wall. You may have heard the saying (not sure of the originator): I climbed the ladder to success only to learn that my ladder was leaning on the wrong wall. This is a realization of many a would-be business person, attorney, physician, educator, government official, etc.

We all were born with a passion for something - that thing that we just love to do and are good at. That thing that we would not really consider work...the activity we prefer when we are not doing the things we HAVE to do. A layoff, extended working hours, workplace stress, meaningless work, or other affects of the prolonged downturn have resulted in people turning to what they love and what is meaningful to devote their best years, treasured gifts and most precious time. Why? Because they were awakened by the current environment and decided to move the ladder to the other wall - from success to fulfillment. And, it is quite amazing how much more fun these people are to be around. There is no substitute for fulfillment in life. No substitute.