Welcome to Get More

I invite you to come along on an exciting and rewarding journey to get more – more with your customers, more from your work, more as a leader and more out of life! 
So, what’s Get More all about? 
Well, I have been on this journey for a long time (as long as I can remember) – helping people get more out of work and life than they ever thought possible.  You can say it’s my passion, my calling, my purpose…it’s what I was created to do…and boy, it’s brought a level of fulfillment I did not think was possible.  I believe we all have been given gifts or special abilities to be used for a specific purpose.  When we understand our unique purpose, align our gifts and special abilities with this purpose, and pursue the purpose with a plan of intentionality, amazing things happen.  People begin impacting the lives of others in ways previously unimaginable and receive incredible levels of fulfillment in return.  The results are simply amazing!
Why am I launching Get More?
This blog came about as an outgrowth of conversations with hundreds of people over the years – in one-on-one meetings, small group settings and some really large audiences as well.  Get More is a way to include many more people around the world in this vitally important discussion.  You are officially invited to participate in this thought-provoking, challenging and sometimes life-changing dialogue.  Here’s how you can participate: 
  • Read my blog posts… I will have lots to share about how to get more.
  • Share your comments … each one of you is embarking on a unique journey and others will benefit from what you have to share, so please share… it can also be therapeutic.
  • Introduce thoughts and information from others… as you find wisdom, insight and interesting material that has been helpful to you or may be interesting to others, please post it in the comments section of the blog.

Your participation will enrich the conversation as we explore how each of us can truly ‘get more’ from our daily investment of the best we have to give – the best of our gifts, skills, time, energy, creativity and resources.
What should you expect from Get More?
Having seen the impact on lives up close and personal, I am convinced that the seemingly insurmountable barriers and obstacles that prevent us from living our dreams, well, they are not so formidable after all.  The individual journeys I’ve witnessed are nothing short of remarkable… 
a natural promoter who is unleashing the passion for the arts and using promotional skills to help unlock the amazing world of the arts to others who might not otherwise have these life-changing experiences…
a sales executive and motivational speaker who is unleashing the passion for building self-esteem and career success for girls and the gift of encouragement to support girls on the path to career success…
a business professional who is unleashing the passion for misguided youth and the gift for counseling to guide these precious souls to a life of possibilities that were seemingly out of their reach…
These are only a few of the powerful stories I’ve witnessed.  As I reflect on my personal journey that has resulted in unleashing my passion and gifts to help people get more by unlocking the potential in their lives through my speaking, writing, teaching, coaching, advising and work as a corporate executive and business leader, well, as my grandmother (the late Virginia Mitchell Dickey Jerry) would say:  “I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey.”
While I and others have embarked on this journey to get more, this blog and the ensuing dialogue is about you – how can you ‘get more’? 
What are your dreams – your passions, your calling and your purpose? 
How can you unleash your unique gifts and special abilities to make a real impact on the lives of others? 
How do you move from a life that’s full of activities, but short on fulfillment? 
You can get more by expending most of your energy, using your most valuable time, and investing your most precious resources in daily activities that truly bring you fulfillment and allow you to live your dream, now! 
Get More will address four topics in an alternating format to allow for deep discussion on the area(s) of greatest interest to you.  We will explore:
- How to get more from relationships with your customers
- How to get more from the investment you make in your work or career
- How to get more as a leader of an organization or team, and
- How to get more from what we all probably care most about – life.
Please check out the first blog post that captures my thoughts on how to Get More With Your Customers (click home icon at top left of this page), and look for additional blog posts on all of the topics in the weeks and months to come.  You and others can also join the hundreds of people that have contributed to this important dialogue by sharing your dreams at the following link:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3JW55FF
Please come along on the journey with us and craft your own personal journey to Get More!

d keith pigues
"Helping people get more out of work and life than they ever thought possible"