Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What About the Resolutions We Keep?

Many of us commit to start or stop, do more or do less of something in the upcoming year. Yes, the old dreaded New Year's Resolutions - the ones that most of us don't keep for more than 36 hours (or 36 minutes) into the new year. A lot will be written and spoken over the next few weeks about the new year and the many resolutions most of us will not keep. Well, what about the commitments that will be kept into the next year. Are they really worth keeping? Will our lives or the lives of others REALLY be better off as a result of keeping these resolutions?

As we move into the year 2012, maybe we should make a different kind of commitment. What if each of us commits to TRULY finding and living our purpose? What if we commit to spending the best hours of each day, best days of each week, best weeks of each month, and best years of our lives, doing more and more of what we have been called to do? Imagine how much better the lives of the recipients of our commitments would be. Imagine how much more fulfilled we would be.

As an additional benefit, when your life purpose is clear and you are living it more and more, there is no need to find a different New Year's resolution every year. You only need to ask one simple question, "How can I live my purpose more during next year?" Think about it.... What will you commit to do in 2012?